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The Wall
Thursday, 6 May 2010

Well this wee bit is in the area of sports. Now personally, I LOVE arena football. It is just what the name suggests, football played indoors. Its fast, hard hitting, and is a very, very fan oriented sport that anyone can afford. ....well, if you like football anyway. NFL tickets cost a fortune, but I can go to arena home games for every time there is one. I can't say that about the other.  Between mini fireworks, cool sound effects, the dancers, the jumbo tran, and all those neat souvenirs.....not to mention the food!!!  I probably shouldn't mention the food. I am trying to lose some weight here.  But I do have to admit, I cannot still see how a league managed to fold after being in operation for 20 years, and was backed by the NFL!!!  Gone are teams like the Dallas Desperados.....which have been replaced with the likes of the Dallas Vigilantes. Hmmmmm....their uniforms seem really familiar. OH YEEAAAHHHH....Now I remember! The uniforms once were those of the Desperados. They simply put a new logo onto the helmet!! .......yeah.....ok.  Well, if you have this sport in your should check it out.....well, at least if you're a big fan of american football.  Yes, I grew up playing rugby, but thats a blog for some other time. Granted, this indoor sport isn't for everyone. But wow. for the price?!?!? Its a great show! And the action is non stop.......especially since there really isn't an "out of bounds" area per se. Just a big, thick foam padded wall of sorts.  And none of this, "Oh we're going to win 'cause there's only 10 seconds left on the clock, and we have the we can just take the knee". WRONG!!!  If you have the ball & time is almost out, 2 options....either make yardage or go for a field goal, and pray to God you make it if you do. If that ball bounces back into the field of play from off the goal uprights, or falls short, it can be returned by the opponent. You can also watch afl games for free by downloading NiftyTV. They do most all afl games anyway.  If you fancie this sport like I do, let me know. Oye! Even if you don't & you think its for pansies, let me know. You got something you wanna say?? Leave it on the wall!

Posted by cofellowship at 9:43 PM EDT
Wednesday, 5 May 2010

So what's my newest beef?? Well, it didn't come from a fastfood place, neither did it come from Kroger, Tom Thumb, or a Buddies grocery store. It came from news off of MSNBC.  And yeah, this has left me irate. REALLY irate!!!  Thus, I have this aweful, lousy taste in my mouth as a result. Nasty beef here people.  It concerns the decision of the Lutheran church here in America, that opted at some point in time to allow for same sex marriages.....or at least the recognition of them. This is the 7th largest protestant denomination in the USA!  And if the afore mentioned isn't bad enough, get this - now they will allow gays & lesbians to be licenced & ordained as ministers apparently.  At the heart of my feathers being more than merely ruffled are the Rev. Bradley Schmeling and his partner, the Rev. Darin Easler:

From MSNBC - "Schmeling, who serves as pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church in Atlanta, was removed from the church's clergy roster in 2007 for being in a same-sex relationship with Easler. A disciplinary committee ruled that Schmeling was violating an ELCA policy regarding the sexual conduct of pastors".

"I'm grateful that this journey has come full circle and that the church has changed its policy," Schmeling said Tuesday".

"I think the church saw the gifts and the abilities of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and saw that the spirit was calling them into ministry and wanted to create a way for people to serve," he said.

Now given that.....kinda sorta makes me wonder - Are these people that daft??? I mean...look at what God says in His Word - If you read fully Romans 1:16-32, it fairly wells sums up Gods take on the afore mentioned issue. And since when .... or where does it ever say in Gods Word that His Spirit is calling gays, lesbians, and such into the ministry?? Sorry. I can't find that anywhere!  Of notable interest to me however is the fact that the spelling of the word 'spirit' is lower case in the report given by MNSBC.  The only other spirit I know of, apart from God (which is always capitalised) or mans (lower case), is that of the enemy (also lower case). HELLO!!!!

What do you think??  Am I being too hard or harsh here? Maybe I should "lighten up"??  (....and you honestly think I will?? lol) Give me some dirt here. What do you think of the MSNBC report? The wall awaits!!!

Posted by cofellowship at 11:45 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 5 May 2010 11:50 PM EDT

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